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The Rise and Fall of a Buffy Addict
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Bring It On, 2000 cast members Eliza Dushku, Clare Kramer - This light hearted comedy originally titled Cheer Fever actually has two Buffy cast members in it, future and past. Eliza is great in this film, her charater Missy has all the attitude and acrobatic skills of Faith but with none of the homicidal nature. Claire's Courtney is just as much a bitch as Glory, without having to be a god to back it up. The film it self is nothing more then fun. No deep thought invovled but a solid storyline, and oh so entertaining. A definate must see!



American Pie, 1999 cast member Alyson Hannigan - I didn't want to see this when it first came out, I thought it looked painfully dumb. So I didn't, but then Mike made me watch it on video. I laughed, alot! I couldn't believe how funny it was. It has very few good qualities, but darn it, it was a great fun, movie! A definate classic! Alyson was terrific in it, not like her Willow charater at all. It was so strange to see her like that. I can't wait for the sequel!


Can't Hardly Wait - cast member Seth Green - OH MY GOD, If you haven't seen this film yet, DON'T. If you have, I feel your pain. This is one of the dullest teen angst movies I have ever seen. It's so cliche it hurts to watch it. Poor geek loves the popular girl from afar until her jock boyfriend dumps her senior year and geek moves in and wins her broken heart for himself, AHHHHH. Meanwhile life lessons are learned, geeks get some, and everyone is better for it in the end. AHHHHH. I never would have finished watching it if I had been by myself. On the bright side, Seth plays a white guy, rapper wanna be, poser type, and does a great job of it. He is so NOT Oz it was hard to recognize him at all.



Pleasentville - 1998 cast members Danny Strong, Marc Blucas While Marc and Danny's roles were small (Marc didn't have a single line), they can be seen in numerous scenes throughout the film. The film itself is wondeful. With an interesting plot and eye catching special effects it's a definite classic. A Must See Movie.