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The Rise and Fall of a Buffy Addict
Buffy Related Movie Reviews

I have decided to add a new page to my site just for movie reviews of movies that different Buffy cast members are in. Now of course I can not review ALL of their individual movies, mainly because I have not seen them all. But I will get as many as I can in here. Please don't get offended if I dislike a movie you love, we are all intitled to our own opinions.


Valentine- 2001, cast member David Boreanaz - Okay, I admit I got all excited and ran out and saw this with my husband the weekend it was out in theaters. And while I was not horriblly disappointed, it was far from the best film I have seen. The acting was good, there wasn't much need for improvement on anyone's part, but the story line was lacking. It was slow, predictable and unclimatic. Not a bad day at the movies, but not a great one either. All in all I say wait till it comes out on video.


I Know What You Did Last Summer- 1997 - cast member Sarah Michelle Gellar - I'm not to big on slasher horror films, they give me nightmares no matter how dumb they are. I do have to admit that some of these newer teen horror films that started with Scream aren't totally devoid of entertaining qualities. I Know What You Did Last Summer falls in with these. Sarah was good, and she lasted a heck of a lot longer in this then in Scream 2. At first glance her charater seems like nothing more then a naive, vain Beauty Queen with dreams of stardom, but in the end she proves herself almost as resourceful as her Buffy counterpart, a pleasent turn in charater developement. All in all not a bad way to spend an evening. Although, if your like me, not when your all alone. As for Scream 2, disappointing, the only reason I agreed to watch it was for Sarah and she dies in like the first 30 minutes. Very sad.


Cruel Intentions - cast member Sarah Michelle Gellar - This was a great film. Seldom have I seen a remake that equal the original, especially when the story has been modified. If you didn't know this was a remake, go rent the star-studded original, Dangerous Liasons, with Glenn Close in Sarah's role. This movie was rewritten beautifully to appeal to a younger audience, but could stand on it's own easily. If you haven't seen it yet, do. And if you liked it too, buy it. It's sure to be a classic.


Harriet The Spy - 1996 cast member Michelle Trachtenberg - I haven't actually seen this movie. I just wanted an excuse to put in the picture. It's the only one I have of Dawn/Michelle. Isn't she cute though.